Posted by: abrach1 | August 20, 2012

The First Tottering Steps.

Okay, this is my first ever blog, and I do not know what I’m doing. Complete klutz when it comes to computers. Actually, I give klutzes a bad name. I know how to do a smiley face 🙂 or a sad face 😦  But that’s about it.
My wife gave birth to twins somethingty something years ago. Our daughter took to walking like the proverbial duck to water. Our son didn’t fancy this walking business at all. He was quite happy to crawl about the planet for the rest of his life. My wife and I realised that this would not be good for his job prospects so we forced him on a little. Eventually he got there, but only by holding onto his own ears as he tottered about.
So, here we go then, the first tottering steps….clutching both ears……..




  1. Just keep telling yourself – we all started the same way…first tottering steps.

    • Thank you. I won’t be ready to let go of the ears for a while, though.

  2. Dont look bad to me Bob, and mine is all over the place! To blindly go where no man has gone before haha!

  3. Hi Ruth. Thanks for the comment. ( still tottering, but at least I have let go of the ears.)

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